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Test Plan in Software Testing

Test Plan

1. Introduction:

1.1 Objective : Our software is “test me .in” which provide a platform through which one will improve their skills either the logical skill, analytical skill, IQ test and the technical abilities .this product will be mainly used by two kinds of users either general users or other company for their references. It will be helpful to conduct interviews. To make Test Plan we follow IEEE Standards. The main reason behind testing is to detect bugs, to reduce the risk associated with residual bugs, to make a quality product, to save time, to save budget, to give the good product in competitive environment.

1.2 Scope: The system is highly flexible and well efficient for on line interviews and skill test. The key focus is given on data security; project is on line and will be transfer in network. Changes can be done very easily using the facility in DOT NET and SQL .It is suitable for all levels of peoples whether general users or any organization. it provide proper details about skill test i.e. by following what steps the person is able to test ourselves. Software company can also take advantages from this product. It can also provide voice test for call centers candidates. It generates report of skill test result. It provides proper time management by providing fixed duration for test.

1.3 Testing Strategies: We should use some security features to stop an unauthorized person to access it.

We will perform these testing:
a. performance testing: to check the execution time
b. regression testing: repeat test cases on software to find bugs
c. interface testing: Integrated testing +gui testing
d. Functional testing: to test the basic fun.
e. user friendliness testing: font, colors, design, should be proper
f. smoke testing: h/w should be friendly with s/w
g. recovery testing: after integrity failure of the software system should be recover not hang
h. adhoc testing: test the s/w randomly

1.4 Reference: This is the part of document which tells about references .The following on line references is–
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