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Interview Questions For Freshers

1. What do mean by Software Testing?
2. Why Software Testing?
3. When should we do testing?
4. When to start and Stop Testing a project?
5. What kind of testing have you done, while testing a Webpage?
6. What types of testing do testers perform?
7. Differentiate Test bed and Test Environment?
8. What is test metrics in software testing?
9. What do mean by the terms defect, error, bug, failure, fault?
10. What do you mean by SDLC and STLC?
11. What are the various levels of software testing?
12. What is Software Quality Assurance?
13. What is Baseline document?
14. What is the difference between verification and validation?
15. What are the different types of testing techniques?
16. What is difference between quality assurance and quality control?
17. What is the difference between quality and testing?
18. What is a bug?
19. What are the Qualities of a good tester?
20. What is review?
21. What is difference between Load testing and Performance testing?
22. What do you mean by Black Box testing?
23. What do you mean by unit testing and component testing?
24. What is alpha and beta testing?
25. What do you mean by a Test Bed?
26. What is a Data Guidelines in Software Testing?
27. What is Manual testing?
28. What is the difference between Severity and Priority?
29. Can Automation testing replace manual testing? If it so, how?
30. What is a test plan?
31. What is a test condition and test case?
32. What are the risks involved in software testing?
33. What is the difference between test data and test script?
34. What is the difference between White & Black Box Testing?
35. What is the difference between Re-testing and Regression testing?
36. Why we do White box testing, when Black box testing is available?
37. What are the different types of test case techniques?
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